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A delicious wine,that is both extremely affordable and available at pretty much any establishment that sells liquor.
Dave: I wanna get my drink on but i spent all my money on this quarter.

John:Well i heard they have Boone's Farm 2 for $5 down at the ghetto mart

Dave:And so our journey begins....
by sir.davey February 04, 2011

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A term first coined by Nigel Norris. meaning to injure and/or receive a kick to the balls.
by Sir.Davey October 06, 2010

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A man who lives to toss salad and/or get his salad tossed.
Joe: Hey Rob, let me munch down on your poopchute!

Rob: Thats the third time you've asked me that today you douchenozzle.

Joe: Nuh uh, its the first time.

Rob: Just shut your face you sick Creamy Man!
by Sir.Davey October 09, 2010

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A joint made up of roaches from previously smoked joints.
John:Damn man, Look at all these roaches we got.

Dave:Let's roll ourselves some Dirty Joints.

by Sir.Davey October 19, 2010

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To get beaten up by a group of guidos, or Italians in general, usually armed with baseball bats or 2x4s. On the rare occasion can also be mob affiliated.
Dave: I was walking down the street in Nolita when some of those goddamn guidos dragged me into the alley and gave me an Italian Massage.

John: Ever heard of running dumbass?

Dave: You have no idea how much weed I smoked that day you douche, try running after 6 blunts of skunk...
by Sir.Davey May 31, 2011

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A graffiti artist from mostly Jackson Michigan,thats just beginning to get up.
I seen some of Mr.SouL's throwies the other day, its getting better and better everytime see it!
by Sir.Davey October 16, 2010

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A brand of rustoleum spray paint that is very easy to come by,it's also available in many different colors and is mostly favored by graffiti writers.
Fuck that color place shit,I want some painters touch.
by Sir.Davey October 09, 2010

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