At the club the DJ played the "Turn My Swag On" which prompted everyone to wildly perform the chicken dance.
by scorobi_cheA March 24, 2009
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The art of putting cock and balls between your legs so they are hidden/nestled in your gooch area not visable from the front. The dance is the waddling motion that comes from not wanting to re-expose your package. Can also be used to catch out friends when they are entering a room. you owe them a dig if they look at your chicken.
girlfriend come out of bathroom
bf;"hey look babe im just like you"
bf doing chicken dance
gf "your an ass-hole, put your pants back on"
by wallsawalls January 02, 2008
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The Chicken Dance is where an old person gets their wrinkly balls out and slowly rubs them on an unsuspecting victim.
"Aww, little jimmys sleeping, shall we give him a chicken dance?"
by ChickenDancer January 15, 2009
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1. A very catchy tune. Retarded, but catchy.
2. The dance to accompany the song. Also retarded.
Man doing the chicken dance: Doo do do doo do do doo doo do do do doo do do doo...
by ltparker January 22, 2009
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Performing a lot of weird secret maneuvers in order to be recognized and be accepted for entry.
In order to get my new electronic car key working I had to do a chicken dance: pressing buttons, opening and closing doors, and touching corners of the touch screen. It took me an hour, but it's working now.
by bobbobjbklnjbkln September 02, 2017
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there is an obvious correlation between the chicken dance and communism, along with fascism. the chicken represents the subjugated peoples, while the dancing represents the confinement and tyrannical grip of the homosexual dictators.
i hate it when the russian dictators get drunk and make me do the chicken dance for them.
by MetallibangeR December 18, 2005
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When you go to a corporate function (like your holiday party) and you get served the obligatory rubber chicken.
"Dude, you going to the office bash tonight?"
"Hell no, man, I don't need another rubber chicken dance!"
by Geoff Lilley December 07, 2006
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