Hanging or chilling. Or can also mean awesome or cool.
Sam: hey Haley wanna bool later
Haley: shit let's do it sam! That would be boolin.
by Harleybooler May 28, 2017
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A word dumb ass bloods use to say coolin. They use it to sound dumb. More dumb than they already are
Not doing much but boolin
by Bool July 31, 2017
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Group of guys/girls that touch eachother in a gay form/manner
guy:im boolin my boyfriend

girl:im boolin my girlfriend
by professor_nc state November 27, 2015
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A term created by the instagram cult @ybb_movement. Boolin means to be messing around, or just some fuckery with the boys.
Yo what did you guys do last night?
“We were just boolin at a party, we took all of the nattys and loaded them in our truck and dipped out that b*tch.”
via giphy
by Carbrony February 23, 2020
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when niggas strait walkin into da hood with some icy af shit they just got
"damn, Traevon over there straight Boolin like not gonna lie"
by Hayfry June 12, 2019
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