Coolin *BIGLY*

When you're already coolin, but can want to go farther, you start *big coolin* -- Boolin.
Hey, What's up?
dude. come over to our place, we're big coolin so much we're now boolin
by ==V== September 24, 2020
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Boolin -

A β€œhip” way of sayin just chilling,
Or a code word for Masturbation.
β€œBro what did you do over the weekend?”
Oh nothing much. Just Boolin.
β€œOh, just chillin I see.”
Uh yeah. That’s what I meant...
by Great Uncle Terry November 06, 2018
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Boolin is a


who has no earlobes and who has a nose similar to the people of the town of Whoville in The Grinch
Wow look at Boolin. No girl will ever like him. Not even big Molly MacIsaac.

Wait is Boolin that weird kid whose missing his left earlobe and has the weird fuckin nose?
by Tim416 August 12, 2019
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A word that has a strong resemblance to a Bunny, Rat, and a Leaf.
Person 1: yo
Person 2: yo
Person 3: call?
Person 2: stupid bunny..........
Person 1: yeah stupid bale.....
Person 3: wtf..... y’all fake......


Boolin behavior..........
by GoPicoYeah March 02, 2021
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