"ahah bro im just boolin right now come over"
"sounds dope im sliding"
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by tbreu August 29, 2018
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wildin', acting crazy, being insane
Teacher: Get off your phone or ill take it.
Me: Boy you boolin'.
by gingbeboolin September 19, 2017
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Guy 1: Hey dude let's game
Guy 2: I can't man, no gamin on weekdays
Guy 1: It's not a weekday
Guy 2: Dude it's wednesday, you boolin hard son
by Woogie Noogie December 31, 2014
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The act of leisure, or relaxation. It is usually referred to as chilling, or being chill; the lack of exercise and the act of doing nothing.
"Bruh, I ain't tryna do nothin' today, I'm just boolin."
by Meme_Dealer September 16, 2018
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A group of guys relaxing or chillin'. Boys + Coolin = Boolin

First used by Maleek Taylor (Riverdale, GA) during a Vine video.
by K.J. Steezy September 30, 2013
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