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J-horror day or Japanese horror day

A day in which a group of 4 or more friends get together and watch Japanese horror movies most of the day and night.
"yo are you going to marie's JHD?"
"yea man, its gonna be epic"
by Godofsoccer863 August 26, 2009
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The shortened way to say Jedi Happy Dance. See also: Jedi Padawan EMI, JediBites
I'm going to JediBites now! *JHD*
by Bobbacca April 13, 2003
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Acronym for the X-BOX 360 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 clan-name: AMERICAN JIHAD or "American call to Holy War". An indisputable contradiction, members of the JHD Clan are American Warriors from all walks of nefariousness and shame. One such member is (JHD)SANTANA. Thought by some to have a fetish for Tracer-darting tanks, SANTANA comprises of 1/4 of the members of JHD. Another is Don Gigaheim, a degenerate killer with no regard for discretion(C-4ing tanks and blowing them up while still near them; hence, dying as well). Don Gigaheim is also a registered P.I.M.P. The other half of the founding members of JHD are:dubVT, SEE ALSO: TKD rut. These individuals are national heroes. Known associates are as follows: DIEGO, Sliced Box(A General of the Army or 50-douche) and BIGBEAR41(known to be a braggert and a racist of the highest caliber). BIGBEAR41 was once thought to be bald. He also wore a terrible chin-strap beard, thus making his baldness all the more palpable. This was because he played as a medic most of the time for the lack of good marksmanship. Sliced Box is known for his contempt of the usage of C-4 against enemy tanks. He is known to utter homophobic remarks at any time, for any reason. Upon retreiving dog-tags in the game via combat knifing the enemy, the JHD Clan has been known to "Teabag" it's enemies. Any and all threats to the United States of America are dealt with by this group. IMPORTANT NOTICE:ALL (JHD) GROUP MEMBERS ARE CELEBRITIES!!
Battlefield NOOB: "'Just Herpes Dude'"? This is driving me nuts. What does that acronym mean."
Other Battlefield NOOB:"They're celebrities of the highest caliber, too! They all have pinache! That's a JHD moment for dat ass, right dere!!"
by Don Gigaheim May 02, 2011
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