Someone who says or does something stupid. Girl or guy who is ugly but thinks they are attractive.
Why the hell would you say that? Yea c'mon boolin!


Does this boolin really think shes hot? For real, what a dumbass, she's no bad bitch
by wazza3 November 17, 2011
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When someone does something that is stupid or fucked up.

(DJ Khalid messed up the pronunciation of "ballin" and said it's "boolin" to something and it is now a negative term)
Jack: Did you hear John likes to get his ass eaten by Frank?

Tim: What!? You're boolin'

John: No seriously, it's a thing!

Tim: Damn yo, thats boolin'
by El Punta March 29, 2017
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It's another word for a hot pair of balls.
*sees sexi guy
"boi dem boolin' huge, lemme suck em"
by smileylolly123 February 01, 2016
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