When someone's being calm and drama free . (I.e. not ausing social drama drama or acting crazy)
Is bon-queefin still trippin about what happened earlier today ?

Nah bros she's coolin.
by calyicoke January 6, 2019
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This word can be used in everyday life. Its simple "Coolin" means i'm just relaxin, kickin back, chillin, not doing anything.
I havn't been doing much lately, just been coolin ya know.
by Meech360 August 31, 2014
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The real way to relax/chill ( not like Bill in n iggaz)
by coolinken July 5, 2016
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Coolin', or "coolin' out", "straight coolin'" and other vernacular is the act of congregating in a less than reputable locale with the presence of alcohol. It requires at least one person (see illin') to initiate said coolin' and another to acknowledge the invitation to cool out.
"Parking lot coolin"

"Coolin out"

"Straight up coolin"

"Coolin hard"
by Chicks Drink Free September 14, 2011
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Chilling, relaxing, taking it easy, starting with a "C" is a term used by the crips instead of saying boolin like the bloods.
"I can't fuck with bloods bitch im coolin" -Tay-K 47
by tuckersj23 September 17, 2018
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(verb) a word depreived from the Mba culture, meaning to relax, calm ones self, make urself relaxed. It is not a very common phrase but can be heard in the regions of the Curley Library, SDR, and tech office.
Me: Hello Kenny, what are u doing this fine afternoon?
Kenny: Nuin much, just coolin it!
Me: I mean I guess. How are the sororities at Hopkins?
Kenny: I would def cool it with dem!

Kenny: Man, im not all for this childish debauchery. Ill just go in the corner and strait cool it.
by Javier from the year 2043 February 25, 2013
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