A Maleek is a very smart person. Usually funny. . Is super cute. A Maleek is a dream come true for a girl. All Maleeks are straight. Ive never met a non straight Maleek.
Man he is such a hunk, I bet he's a maleek
by lollipop1069 November 14, 2013
Maleek is a very funny person that makes stupid stuff sometimes but he loves to hangout and go to parties. He usually a playboy and hates to study.
Person : look there’s a Maleek
Another person : ugh no
by Leisrak October 11, 2018
Is so cute he could steal your girl any day. Because he is just that guy. Everybody wants to be just like him and praise him everyday. and he got them hands
Girl: who dat? his name has to be Maleek
Other girl: For sure thats a Maleek
by t3ukidmal November 7, 2022
Tall, handsome, and loves football, the type of person you absolutely do not want to be without.
If u find a Maleek keep him, he'll provide u with endless good sex and emotional support.
Maleeks are pure, special human beings
I definetly need a Maleek rn
by SOMEONE112233 May 30, 2022
Dog Ass Nigga , Somebody Who Don't Know What He Wants . He Says He Love You , But Never Acts It , He'll Tell You What You Wanna Hear
" I Love You Man " , " I'm In It For The Long Run " . Somebody That's Only Loyal To His Self . Dog Ass Nigga Maleek Is A Dog
by teonaaaaaa March 12, 2016
a maleek is someone who is funny and smart. although many maleeks are gay it is sometimes possible to find a maleek that is straight although none have been discovered. update: straight maleeks are extinct.
dude that guy is a maleek, do you see the way he is walking?
by nileriver12345 October 28, 2010
A liar who makes you believe in his lies and a very stupid boy who doesn’t use cream
Eww who’s that boy there

Oh that’s maleek
by Dundalk March 19, 2019