The mainstream definition of Bookworm is a someone who loves books or loves to read. The underground definition of bookworm is someone who loves to hang out in bookstores cause they want some dick.
Joe: I'm losing my mind because I need to nut!

Lewis: There are plenty of Bookworms around son. Go try Barnes & Noble.
by Box Worm November 24, 2019
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A loyal patron of the Manila International Book Fair.

An official endorser of the Manila International Book Fair (such as social activist and tour guide Carlos Celdran, book author and comedian Stanley Chi, book author and celebrity Ramon Bautista, and book author and community leader Tado Jimenez).
There are a lot of bookworms that attended the Manila International Book Fair.

Bookworm and renowned tour guide Carlos Celdran is promoting the 2012 MIBF!
by HSpecter September 01, 2012
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(noun) When you're railing a chick from behind and she is doing your homework.
Yeah bro the other night I gave my girlfriend the bookworm while she was doing my calc homework.
by Professor Cock September 23, 2010
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first guy -go fuck yourself
second guy-haha its impossible

third guy-it actually is not ( starts explainin shit)

dam moral the first bitch is actually fog ass

second one is bookworm’s friend

the third one actually is bookworm
by wataaapbeach June 26, 2020
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I was reading in bed last night, and my girlfriend surprised me with a book worm.
by Hopethisworks March 04, 2014
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The creepy men who hang out in public libraries watching free porn and stalking women.
I don't like to use that branch because it has way too many book worms.
by Nota Bene! January 26, 2009
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cutting a hole in a book n stickin ur willy through the hole into somebodys eye
omg hogg just performed a book worm on the big fat careers officer
by raped book September 21, 2006
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