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Downtown police station where you get processed when you get caught
Shit i got caught 2 weeks ago and had to go to the bookings
by B.A.G. January 31, 2008
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running really fast
probably comes from setting a record, or putting it in the books
Man, stop booking!
by Page April 05, 2003
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oldschool term, comes from the early 70s locking dance scene, good dancing or locking also means to leave a location, or to do something in a hurry
1, he was really booking thats why he won the dance contest.
2.After the show he had to book
3. he must have been in a hurry. he was booking around the corner
by greg pope December 17, 2004
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When a person or group of people go to a used book store and load up on free used paperback books. You load the books into your car a drive around until you see a pedestrian. While driving by the poor sap, throw a book at the person while yelling "EDUCATE YO'SELF BITCH!
We went to the book store to get some ammunition for booking.
by Jackalman November 13, 2007
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either searching with a purpose or with no purpose at all on Facebook
I was booking hard last night and found the hottest chick and you're friends with her. Who is she?
by el osito October 25, 2010
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When you hook up with a girl in the most scholarly way possible, have her bent over doggy style and have an open book on her. That way you can study and smash
"Bro, last night Jonah walked in on me booking this girl"
"Dude, no way? Did he get a picture?
"You damn well know he did"
by BIgBrownAndBeligerant February 08, 2017
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