When you hook up with a girl in the most scholarly way possible, have her bent over doggy style and have an open book on her. That way you can study and smash
"Bro, last night Jonah walked in on me booking this girl"
"Dude, no way? Did he get a picture?
"You damn well know he did"
by BIgBrownAndBeligerant February 08, 2017
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Amazing, fantastic, the best. A sublime thing.
Girl, his sex was booking. BOOK-ING.
by Anutheamazing January 19, 2011
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The act of leaving a book you have read in a random place for somebody else to discover.

Officially started by Joy V. (Kalamazoo, MI) in 2011, booking was an alternative to such trends as planking and cone-ing.

Related - booked, rebooked
I'm about to finish this awesome book. I plan on booking it at a restaurant this weekend.
by Booker2 November 10, 2011
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The act of shopping at a bookstore while drunk, and making large purchases of unnecessary books.
"Dude, you were booking so hard last night you bought the entire Dr. Seuss collection talking about your new album, 'Hip on Hop'.
by SauronsOptometrist October 18, 2015
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to chat with someone on facebook. To use facebook's chat.
I was booking him earlier today.
by sweetiepie88 April 22, 2010
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