Figuratively pulling something out of one's ass to make one seem less sleazy than he would want to "Judge Kavanaugh boofed when he said boofing and the devil's triangle were drinking games."
by kmcxyz October 02, 2018
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gerund or present participle: Boof

1. The act of smelling putrid

2. The act of expelling or reaking a airbourne gas/vapor from one's body which is to the average human "Smelly" or "Disgusting"
Ayo move over, George is extra "boofing" today.
I was walking behind the thicc girl but then she boofed right in front of me, she smelled like tuna and shit.
by HerpesSpreader March 17, 2018
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Breathing down the mic so heavily that everyone in the voice chat wants to break your neck.
*jon boofing*
'Jon please shut the fuck up boofing before I break your neck.'
by Atomus March 09, 2021
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(Secondary definition) The action of barking done by a large dog (known as a boofer), colloquially represented as an onomatopoeia reflecting the deeper pitches and depth of tone of a larger dog. It is the deepest level of the Boof-Borf-Bork-YipYap scale of dog barking.
*Bernese mountain dog barking* Hey honey, I hear boofing, I think that's a Bernese Mountain dog.
by TheloniousBird October 07, 2018
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Another word for flatulence, as defined by Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court Justice nominee, while under oath at Senate hearings on 9/27/18.
Senator Whitehouse: "What is boofing?"
Kavanaugh: "That refers to flatulence," Kavanaugh replied, with a hint of a smirk. "We were 16."
by OBXMan October 01, 2018
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