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She needs someone who is filled with hard work and dedication
She was cute? thats a Violet
by Happy Christian April 11, 2023
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The worst actor ever! She curses in her videos and is just a rebel
Dont hire Jessica Barden anymore
by Happy Christian November 20, 2020
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Braeden C is only meant for one girl, and will normally meet his match and that girl will strictly be someone who won him over and made a romantic/perfecting personal connection on him. His girl(who is probably Alyssa and they share a paradise relationship that tends to be for him and her) is going to have to put in a lot of work to keep the relationship alive. He needs to be very considerate of the annoying girls getting on his new girlfriends nerves and realize that they are all sirens. The girl in love with him doesn't mind spoiling him . Braeden C is the type of guy you love to make the effort to because talking to him(and trust me he won't date other girls besides the girl who spoke romance into his life) makes you want to not sleep and return to the church of heaven and ask God to always be together. Talking to him makes you want to look up at the stars and live life without a care in this world. Your going to have to fight off all the women who try to claim him.
There is only one type of girl in the world for this intensely popular Snake guy would normally meet probably when you visited his livestream for the first time. She would be someone who is above him such as in age, name order. Also when he meets the love of his live, they would be a very high zodiac match compatibility. For instance, a Rooster and that is why they fell so in love. Braeden does NOT know how to follow up with people but you fell in love with him and he will just leave all the planning to you. You will enjoy many things about this guy and have to eliminate your rivals. Yet good luck because it will work. Try not to get obsessed with Braeden C because you two have come together in a heavenly match.
by Happy Christian October 22, 2022
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Very fun to learn. Cocktails will bring our your creativity. Traniing yourself on how to make all the drinks will train you how to serve instead of wasting your life away wishing you could be someone on Instagram
Buying a Cocktail at the Bar won't make you happy, but making Cocktails will
by Happy Christian April 11, 2023
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So where do I start, he speaks in a way that is very different from yours. Can sometimes be a little unpleasant yet somehow always seems to seduce you because the tone of his voice or where its going you know you like it;) He also pronounces words and has no idea how much he turns you on by a simple glance. He will say "aunt" like "ont" . Literally being with this guy is like seeing a guy from another planet. He offloads your life with fulfilling joy that will one day run out and you will be faced with missing him and even weeping for him.
Looking through a James's profile, he is someone who can get tired of things so try to help him out and wish him luck and always pray for him. The impression he leaves on you is like a bucket from above. No one will ever bring romantic hope and joy like him. Also stays on everyones good side and kind of follows you.
by Happy Christian September 30, 2020
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The kind of guy that Alyssa would love to have by her side. Has a weight that you could easily say is just a bit meaty. He even has a big chest, but trust me he's a sexy tall gorgeous, and way better than Miguel. He doesn't go for pretty girls, he goes for those who bring joy to his heart. Even the smallest act of consideration can get him on your side. James may to be faithful to loving only one girl, yet it indescribable to talk about how he can make you feel like your the only girl that revolves around his world. A religious person can really change his life, yet he would rather watch those japanese movies . He's kind of like an in and out guy.
by Happy Christian September 30, 2020
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