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Australian slang word used to describe a dero (derro) or a tramp. Someone who is a bum from the dregs of society and is generally an unpleasant person.
"That guy down the pub is an absolute boggo!!"
by cult88 January 30, 2010
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Derived from Boggo Road Gaol, a now-defunct maximum security prison in Brisbane, Australia. A Queensland Government inquiry into the living conditions of State prisons found Boggo Road to be outdated and inadequate for prisoners' needs. No.2 Division was closed in 1989, and the No.1 Division was closed in 1992 and demolished in 1996.

For a prison to be closed down under such circumstances would indicate it must have been well and truly shithouse. Hence, 'boggo' is used to describe any person or thing that is extreme in some way.
"That grind band is boggo!"
"Can you believe that cunt who murdered all those people? He's totally boggo"
"The surf is huge." "Yeah mate, it's fucken boggo"
by colonel2jays October 09, 2008
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Tough, But Not Fucking pussy tough like Van Damme.
Rad, Sometimes boggo is rad (see examples)
"man that guy is a boggo" Means he will kick your ass.
"fuck that band was boggo last night" A brutally heavy band.
"i cant beleive how boggo that test was" It was a very hard test. "that chick was a fucking boggo she sucked the shit out of my cock!" She was a very talented lass.
"i stabbed your girlfriends face off with my dick and fucked her with a rake" Clearly a boggo.
"gee that guy isn't very boggo much" This refers to an overly boggo person.
by P. Rickshaw September 25, 2007
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Just a fucking hard cunt who would have anybody that try’s it with him and his firm
β€œWhat’s your biggest fear?”
β€œBoggo, he’s just a man mountain”
by Micalite Braun October 22, 2019
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