hispanic term for an individual who believes that he/she is hotter and more intelligent than every other person on the planet. this person is often conceited, rude, and way less amazing than they think they are. in fact, they suck. this is a derogatory term.
Cindy is the biggest bofe on the planet, she should go live in London and leave us all alone.
by cindymonster February 26, 2010
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Brazilian (Rio de Janeiro) gay slang for fit and muscular man. Now adopted even in North American cities.
What a bofe!
The beach was packed with bofes.
by Pips December 5, 2004
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Blacked-out Fucking. The act of having sex while blacked-out drunk. Such acts usually lead to unwanted side effects such as: soreness, STD's, children, and forced realizations. Also can be used as BOFed
"I'm pretty sure you were BOFing that chick last night"
"BOFing was not a good idea"
"In the middle of BOFing I saw her face and vomited"
by BOFer July 6, 2009
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same as "both" in the english dictionary..
by JK3 May 22, 2003
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Referring to two individuals in the same context or event, commonly known as 'both of them'
I seen him bangin my bitch, so I whipped on bofe 'em.
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When you inhale from a vape wedged between a pair of titties.
"Bro, that jol was wild. The one guy was bofing from this other blonde and then he took six body shots in a row !"
by Waveshaqalaka April 7, 2019
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you use BOFE when everyone is quiet and you shout it as loud as you can
by bendover69____ April 10, 2021
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