Reciting someone elses joke to an audience and claiming it as your own.
Anthony told Chirs a joke, and Chris then repeated it to everyone else, and took credit for the joke, thus bodybagging. Chris boddybagged the joke and is an asshole.
by TheOriginalBodybag July 14, 2010
1. (v. or n.) Widely used in battle-rap circles (Grind Time, URL, King of the Dot, etc.), but can be applied more generally. To bodybag an opponent is to secure a definitive win over said opponent.

2. (n.) The series of lines which leads to the situation described in 1.
1. Damn, Soul Khan bodybagged Deacon Frost in URL. Shit was merciless.

2. Now, here comes the bodybag... (insert clever rhyming gun talk and/or references to fucking opponent's mother)
by sexual mystery April 15, 2011
" i just body bagged this nigga or imma BodyBag this nigga"
by PoloCholo March 7, 2019
The object of which the quantity procured needs to be equal to or greater than the number of soldiers sent to recapture John Rambo in a rural or forestal environment.
200 men are sent to recapture John Rambo
200 bodybags will be required.
by Popffabrik September 28, 2006
A rarely used term for a girl with a great face but a horrible body. This generally refers to girls who are either way to thin or pretty fat, but have a pretty face. However, a girl can be a bodybag for other reasons.
"She would be hot if she wasn't so fat. She's quite a bodybag."
by MisterPoops January 25, 2009
A shot , Half Jagermeister and Half Goldshlager. After a few you collapse... hence the name
Guy 1: Hey drink this shot

Guy 2:What is it

Guy 1: Its called a Bodybag

(Guy 2 drinks)

Guy 1: Omg! are you ok?!
by Subtlejoe12345 July 8, 2009
The method in which some street drugs are wrapped and distributed. Using either a latex condom, or rubber balloon.
"Be careful not to spill that coke in my car."

"Don't worry. It's wrapped in a bodybag. We'll open it when we get to the club."
by D. Gould April 20, 2006