A drincc that has no icce for carbon based life forms. If a carbon based life form drinccs a BEPIS with no icce a strange blue creature will come and icce you.
From bagel boy

Mr. Succ: There is no icce in me BEPIS.
Mr. Icce: Did some carbon based life form just say: ICCE. Get icce dummy.
by Jamesss!!!!!! February 16, 2018
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1. Synonym for Penis, similar to Pingas

2. Any noun that could be replaced with the word Bepis for comedic effect
"She not only wants this bepis."

"I googled the word Bepis but got no results, this is a load of bepis."

"Mmmmm, bepis."
by SwegMcEuph94 September 14, 2013
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Bepis- bepis can mean anything you want or be anything you want it can be an insult or a compliment bepis is bepis it is the true nature of the bepis.
Dammit I'm about to bepis myself

Walking in lookin like a bepis

Are you wearing a bepis?
by FrostTheKid January 05, 2017
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A somewhat ridiculous meme having something to do with the mispronounciation of 'penis' and anime-style Pepsi, also known as Bepsi.
Dude...have you seen the meme Bepis yet?

Oh fuck! Look, Bepis!


My answer to that is Bepis.
by Dragonkin56 May 08, 2018
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A word used mostly by drinkers of spirits, slayers of kegs, destroyer of bottles.
"Did you see Chad drink last night?" "Yeah what a Bepis, he couldn't hold shit down"
by dark drinker bro August 20, 2017
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"bepis" is a nickname given to someone by a SPECIAL BEAUTIFUL PERSON ONLY! this person is very special to their bepis. they may not know they are special, but their bepis knows they are very special. a bepis is also spooped by a doggo... very smol doggos... bepis is sadboi. bepis may not be compatible. bepis may not be built for a relationship. but bepis feels too much love... it annoys people...
"why is your bepis so loud?"
by boofth June 28, 2018
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