One of the sexiest substances on earth. Usually a very attractive male with blonde hair and blue eyes and a massive penis. Sometimes gainfully employeed as a thugging pimp or straight up gangster.
Wow I would try to get with Bly if he wasnt so fucking hot.
by marisa b. November 2, 2011
B-Lie or Bl-Eye or B-lye)

(1) - To let something go or to turn a blind eye.

(2) - Also means to narrowly get away with something.

A term widely used in the 1990's amongst the teenage youth in the UK and some still use it today. When used in either instance it is commonly understood which meaning is appropriate.
(1) That warden gave you a bly, by not giving you a ticket.
(1) The bus driver gave you a bly by letting you get on the bus without paying.

(2) You got a bly because that car nearly hit you.
(2) What a bly that was because you barely passed that test.
(2) That teacher gave you a bly because most people would've been sent home.
by Bat Cave Dweller December 29, 2022
Commonly occurs with breeding cattle. If you get the bull semen in your eye it causes an infection similar to pink eye but white substance oozes out
My cousin charlie got the bly when he was breeding cattle this summer
by Mikehunt2469 January 11, 2019
Also meaning a Fly mo-fo or a porchmonkey slapping white man who doesn't give a fuck about the police or anything else for that matter. I'd also like to point out that he slays mad hood rats and also dime peices, he is a well rounded person as you can see.
yo did you see that Bly over there? I heard he's slayin mad fat assed hoes.
by bbsool March 29, 2009
used to describe how ugly or stupid someone is, or how small their penis is
Man you are lookin so bly.
That thing is like bly sized.
by Marcus File November 26, 2007
An abreviation used in texting and IMing. It stands for "bye luv ya!"
girl1: g2g bye!
girl2: bly!
girl1: wut?
girl2: it means "bye luv ya"
girl1: bly!
by bellalovesoccer September 14, 2011