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Rasta word meaning to get a favor or chance. Usually referring to driving on the road.
Mi mus get a bly. (I must get a chance.)
by Miguel April 13, 2004
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An abreviation used in texting and IMing. It stands for "bye luv ya!"
girl1: g2g bye!
girl2: bly!
girl1: wut?
girl2: it means "bye luv ya"
girl1: bly!
by bellalovesoccer September 13, 2011
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One of the sexiest substances on earth. Usually a very attractive male with blonde hair and blue eyes and a massive penis. Sometimes gainfully employeed as a thugging pimp or straight up gangster.
Wow I would try to get with Bly if he wasnt so fucking hot.
by marisa b. November 02, 2011
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Also meaning a Fly mo-fo or a porchmonkey slapping white man who doesn't give a fuck about the police or anything else for that matter. I'd also like to point out that he slays mad hood rats and also dime peices, he is a well rounded person as you can see.
yo did you see that Bly over there? I heard he's slayin mad fat assed hoes.
by bbsool March 29, 2009
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Billy: "I swear man, I was just calling your girlfriend to see what homework was due for tomorrow!"

Camilo: "BLIES!"
by IEATRICE July 15, 2008
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1) (noun) A conceited attention seeker that is bigger than a bitch
2) (adj.) Conceited; attention seeking; bitchy; manipulating
1) That girl is a bly
2) Ashley is bly
by Camillia January 30, 2007
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1. Noun - Marijuana

2. Verb - To get some, to take some of something.
1. I went to Clash and he sold me some bly.

2. Lemme get a bly of some of your soda.
by Sm0key February 01, 2004
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