A term used by colored musicians/creatives to describe perceived derivative contributions by caucasians. Also used to describe a strict rule-book nature that antagonizes creativity.
"Nah man, that's blue-eyed soul. You want some REAL soul listen to some Wilson Pickett"
by JamesMcCarty September 1, 2007
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A Blue Eyed Giraffe is literally only one in a million, with a beautiful voice, it can cast you under it's spell (That his Harry Potter obsessed friend, noodle haired friend, space loving friend, and young friend also share) and make you fall in the deepest of love just by singing. The Blue eyed Giraffe has an appetite for watermelon and apple juice. Every limelight loves the Blue Eyed Giraffe. (For you stupid people, Daniel Seavey. He is the Blue Eyed Giraffe)
Sally: Did you see that the Blue Eyed Giraffe changed his hair color to blonde?
Jessica: I know, it's everywhere! He still looks amazing though!
Sally: I know!
by JNM257 April 21, 2019
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a blue eyed giraffe is a super muscular hot boy named daniel seavey. he has huge blue eyes that stare deep into your soul and it makes many people sweaty from his heat. he has a very long neck which helps him adapt in his natural habitat. oh and the abs. dont question it, just worship his cute abs.
woah dude! he can survive with THAT hot neck! daniel is back at it again with the white vans! what a blue eyed giraffe!
by blueeyedgiraffedaniel April 25, 2019
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Daniel Seavey is a blue eyed giraffe ask any limelight u know.
Hey look it’s Daniel Seavey

He is a blue eyed giraffe

Yes he is ask a limelight
by Aleeyaherron February 24, 2020
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(Also known as Daniel Seavey)
This creature is extremely rare, but also impossibly cute.
It’s almost impossible to see one irl but if you get lucky...you’re parents will buy limelight tickets to a WDW concert. There you will see this majestic creature in all of its glory.

Ps. It’s got beautiful blue eyes btw
Have you seen the Blue Eyed Giraffe’s new post on Insta?
Oh yeah, it’s so adorable
by whydxntwevibe February 21, 2019
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the absolute hottest combo. when natural. usually is forign but so so hot on a white american chick.
-dude did you see that new exchange student?
-hell yeah, that blue eyed brunette ..ID DO HER!
by Paul BayBay January 13, 2008
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