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Blue bagging is the act of going to the off-licence and getting drunk at home or the park (dependent on age) instead of going to a bar. Often done near the end of the month just before payday when most people have no money. Named blue bagging as the majority of plastic bags from local off-licences are indeed blue.
Steve: hey pete you gonna come out with us tonight.
Pete: no sorry dude im blue bagging with alex tonight.
by Matt Barr November 26, 2007
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Holding a blue Forest Service bag below your asshole and taking a shit, usually done in the far depths of the wilderness to protect the environment and other adventurers' well-being. These are most common in snowy mountain environments where buried poop would become exposed again within a few weeks.
(National Forest Ranger): Thanks for signing into the climbing register! In case you haven't heard, there's no toilet on the mountain this year. Did you pick up some of our waste disposal bags?

(Hiker): You mean the things you take a dump into? Yup...

(Forest Ranger): And you know about our ongoing campaign, right? -- Don't throw the bags into crevasses or pit toilets, carry them (filled with poo) all the way back and throw them in the trash.

(Hiker): Great... blue bagging it once again.
by MountainClimber August 01, 2012
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