Taking the easy way out, choosing to ignore the harsh reality and live in blissful ignorance.
"You take the blue pill -- the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe." Morpheus, The Matrix
by stavr0 January 13, 2005
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A general name given to anyone not yet unplugged from the matrix.
"Nothing but blue pills" - When looking for Neo all he finds are people plugged in, not Neo who has been unplugged.
by ReFlex July 4, 2006
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Although brought up in the Matrix Movie, as one who won't wake up from reality, the blue pill on the streets has come to mean just that. The blue pill is a painkiller, usually oxy/roxycodeine pills that keep you in your world of illusion, taking the pain away from the realities of life. It's codeine, tar, powder, hard - anything that keeps your mind at bay.
John Doe: Let's kick it, it's a blast party!
Jane Doe: Sure lol, you want the red or blue baby?
John Doe: Haha .. always the blue pill

Roxy: I need to function, can't take this depression no more
Xany: I thought you always came through?
Roxy: Yeah but it's getting worse, like if I don't get more my bones are gonna break through my skin
Xany: well you can count on me to bring you down
Roxy: I sure can, maybe after my next shakes (found blue pills)
by backtothered September 1, 2011
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Pursuing a certain avenue when faced with two choices.
She could have stayed with his sorry ass, but instead she took the blue pill.
by Nikita September 22, 2003
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Viagra, that's why it's called the blue pill
He took the blue pill last night, woo what a ride!
by DizzyLizzy February 15, 2007
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A pill of ecstasy.

Named a 'blue pill' for two different reasons;

- The first reason is that quite a few, although not all, ecstasy pills are colored blue.
- The second reason is that it is a spoof off 'The Matrix' when Morpheus gives Neo Anderson the choice between the red pill, or the blue pill - the blue pill is a distortion of reality, as is ecstasy.
"I slipped a blue pill into her drink!"
by Luke Sz. December 11, 2006
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