Blub is a nickname to call a loved one such as a girlfriend/boyfriend. It can also be used to address a person/animal that is related to you, cute, chubby, or lethargic.

There are only two true blubs in the world though.
Hey blub, I love you.
You are such a blub
Look at that little blub
by Blubathan March 7, 2010
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The American fish goes blub blub, the French fish goes bloob blub, the Black fish goes Blub Blub Mother F*cker.
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The slang term for blubber, used because it sounds better, and is more pleasing to say
"Awwww....that walrus has cute blub..."
by Andrew Baines February 1, 2006
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Blub is all blub is life
person A: 'blub'
person B: 'blub'
by the blub October 16, 2020
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I stared deep into Goldy's pitch-black eyes and from the moment he said "blub" I knew we were ment to be.
by Clobothehobo November 12, 2006
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A blub is the German pet name for a water bong, due to the noise it makes as the chronic passes through the water. Also known as a Blubber or a Blubbi.
The bong went blub, blub, blub then he looked up at her through bloodshot eyes and said ooooooh yeah!
by Blub2k January 11, 2005
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