an overdramatic attention whore with slutty tendancies.

basically a fucked up piece of cum dumpster trailer trash. my recommendation, run away quickly
Person A:*spouting needless drama to draw attention towards themselves*
Person B: omfg just stop. you are such a fucking Blub
by suckaduckerpunch July 17, 2017
Another word to fill in the silence. Especially used in group chats.



by Juuzou13 May 2, 2015
Blub The Clothing Company.
I got my shirt from Blub.
by bibobjrondoers January 13, 2012
Noun. 1. A person who always drives the speed limit, follows regulatory signs and is the model of perfect driving. 2. A block of chopped wood, usually assembled in hardware stores for home projects.
Look how slow that car is going!
Actually, they are going the speed limit. They must be a blub.

I need to go buy some blub at the hardware store to rebuild that fence.
by Word.21412423 August 4, 2010
The sound any classic muscle car makes while running.
Listen to that Camaro! *Blub blub blub blub*
by fuzz93 July 19, 2009
A phrase used when experiencing an intensely awkward situation. (often used in conjunction with a hand gesture: Flat hand, palm down, rising as if to indicate an increasing water level.)
Oh your from New Orleans hmm? Learn to swim? ... Blub blub blub
by mytime_notyours June 28, 2010
The sound of the number two electronics company in America (Circuit City Inc.) going under.
by B. Burgess November 11, 2008