A small amount of weed, usually less than .5 grams, and often transacted without a scale
Hey, homie, can I scoop a blub of weed?
by katrinascat April 21, 2018
Blub is all blub is life
person A: 'blub'
person B: 'blub'
by the blub October 16, 2020
An alternate use of the word 'blud' or 'blad', used in modern context to describe a friend, or good person.

Usually describing a really cool, nice person.

It is the shizz.

Use it.
Chloe, you is tha' shizzz blub! ;)
by iyurchloe August 4, 2009
Well Blub is word when you use in situations that are funny. It can also be used as an informal greeting among young people.
Eg.1. Oh my days that was just.. Blub.
Eg.2. Alright Blub,
Blub Blub
by Nikk'Starrrhhh February 17, 2009
A modern definition of Blub is 'Cool'.
by Arvind April 22, 2006
new hip term for weed, the smokers, the high and smoking it.
Person 1: Did you grab the blub?

Person 2: Yeah let's blub.

Person 2: I am sooo blubbed right now.

Person 1: We should've brought Darren. he's a blubber now.
by orangetoesforever December 31, 2011