1. Something the corporations should release from their million ton per sq. inch greedy jaws if they expect it to take off any time soon in this economy.

2. Something stupid ass motherfuckers like the ones who bought laserdiscs bought as soon as it came out to feel like they're on the bleeding edge, but having to update their players after each weekly update of the format for the following few years. Basically, people with more money than brains.
I have to buy this faggoty DRM raped Blu-Ray shit to watch any movie in HD? Screw those assholes. And screw their greedy hollywood clutches and the stores where they feel the need to lock up these precious pieces of shit like they were their mother's secret, stolen panties. What, it's not enough they threw all sorts of faggot, obnoxious, irritating bullshit schemes on DVD to try (and fail) to protect their precious, coveted masterpiece intellectual crockerty like Snakes On A Plane Director's Cut that only made pirates laugh while purchasers had to screw around with that crap?
by fuckfaze December 31, 2009
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Blu-Ray is suppost to be the next generation of media technology replacing the DVD's. I think it was a stupid idea for DVD's. DVD's are just fine and will probaby satisfy me for a long time. So, i'm saying blu ray sux really big cocks. It is just a waste of money and a really stupid idea. same features and everyting and probably just like 3% difference in quality. only stupid dumb-fuck rich people would buy them cause so stupid. IT IS THE SAME FUCKEN THING DUMBASSES.
Jimmy wanted a blu-ray player really bad cause he is so dumb. His family had to use most of the money they invested for his christmas presents on the cheapest blu ray player they could find was $800. Jimmy did not get nothing but a few cheap piece shit gifts after that.

On his next paycheck he spent $34.99 on Alien Vs. Predator blu ray disc while the one on DVD was $10.79!
by Stilts54321 March 02, 2007
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A blue laser that burns! BABY BURNS!!!! and gets mernmorie into a disk so you can see it
by Fabian law December 03, 2008
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Its a Ray that is Blue, it seems that the color BLUE has been misspelled and is written "blu".
person 1: Sony are idiots..they spelled "blu" from Blu-Ray wrong its supposed to be spelled B-L-U-E
person 2: ...dumbass..
by awesomenes_MAN August 08, 2010
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In New York, they say "pause" as their "no homo". Therefore, we pause, and never rewind back. If you can't fast forward, fuckin step speed that shit. Now that we're in the 21st century, we can bluray that shit super fast.
"Yo, my D's still sore from last night wit that girl, bluray"
"Yo bluray dat shit"
by The LJ December 27, 2009
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A kind of disc made for watching movies on PlayStation and XBOX.
Adam: Do you have blu-ray?

Steve: Yes.

Adam: Cool.
by DanielD3NY February 22, 2020
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