Laquisha- tacos are falling from the sky

Sasha- Laquisha you talkin blone right now
by Jailee007 February 26, 2022
Giving someone a blowjob instead of paying a loan.
Person A - Got my 5 dollars?
Person B - No...
Person A - Fine...Blone me!
by A Very Angry Pirate January 28, 2009
Blitzed and Stoned at the same time.
I drank too much hoobastank and smoke so many jimmies so I was pretty bloned last night.
by GoodestDick June 15, 2022
A stupid way of spelling "Blown". It is used as reply to sarcasm facts.
Person A - There are two types of people in the world. 1). People who understand sarcasm 2). IDIOT
Person B - whoaa! * mind blone *
by xx4NG3L0xx March 21, 2017