When someone is clearly more blonde than someone else or when someone behaves in a way that's more blonde than anyone else
person1 "No, you're blonde!"
by Somma is gay July 24, 2020
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The act of a fair-haired person being distracted and wandering from one enticing place to another, with disregard for the original destination.
On her way to pick up the dry cleaning she began blondering through the brightly colored displays in the kitchen store.
by matree May 3, 2010
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A person who only f*cks blondes
Brunette: Hey I was wondering do....

Guy: Sorry I'm a Blonder
by : P ya right May 4, 2006
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being more blond then usual
Miranda has brown hair but she is blonder then most blonds
by icedaman aka superman August 8, 2008
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Someone who enjoys the aroma of his own urine after the consumption of asparagus.
by Cletus December 1, 2003
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Dumber than even the dumbest blonde, an empty headed idiot with dyed blonde hair.
'I thought she was dumb,but she's blonder than Barbie
by AnnieBawdy May 16, 2017
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When someone acts more blonde then another.
Bradyn: you’re acting blonde
Ashley: you’re acting blonder
by annymous247 September 28, 2020
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