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"Lightning war"

Blitzkrieg was used by the German war machine in the 1930's where the enemy's military power is assessed and then bettered. Blitzkrieg starts with air raids, followed bylong range artillery, which is closely followed by mobilzed armour divisions. Foot soldiers then progress and swarm the enemy, intimidating them to give up.

Focus would go onto a particular point of weakness in the enemies' lines, and the point would be ceaselessly hounded until broke, so that the full force could rush it and destroy command lines and use automatic weapons on all those that ran to aid this breakage.

The fundamentals of blitzkrieg were

-for everyone to follow their instinct, rather than accept orders from the highest and go down the chain, which allowed the warfare to be

-highly momentous, unlike World war one, where a stalemate was reached.

Blitzkrieg relied heavily on communication, and exploited the radio fully.
BlitzKrieg is adapted and used today against the enemies of industrialised nations.
by Gumba Gumba April 13, 2004
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When one partner is crouched atop another during sexual intercourse, a third party enters the room in an erect state and quickly enters and exits the anus of the person on top. Before the blitzkrieged person can turn around, the third party has disapeared from view. The partner on top is left in a confused state wondering what hit her/him, very similar to the powers of Poland, Holland, Belgium, France and Russia at the outset of the Second World War.
Jess was riding Dave when suddenly she felt a violent and intense splitting of her butt cheeks as if a division of Panzers charged through. She paused for a moment, noticed her and Dave were alone in the room, and continued sex without bringing it up. Jake walked away after the most successful blitzkrieg yet.
by Aditya Savage October 20, 2006
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I brilliant warfare tactic first used by the German Wehrmacht or armed forces in WWII combining Tanks motorized Infantory and Aircraft in a all out attack in concentrated posistions forcing a breakthrough of the conventional battlefront. This masterful tactic was first used by the German Generals Rommel, von Bock, von Manstein and Guderian.
Victorious Campaigns in France, Belgium, Poland, and to some extent Russia
by ZAC =P April 04, 2005
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Blitzkrieg is a type of pornographic videos that begins with a minute of conversation between three to half dozen women in a room. All of a sudden approximately 30 burly naked men enter the room from all entrances yelling 'Blitzkrieg' and proceed to pillaging the women to the music of heavy metal. Certainly there are more penises than orifices so it often involves simultaneous penetrations, prodding and rapid-fire ejaculations. This lasts an average of about 2 minutes and 35 seconds to the point when the women are usually passed out in a pool of their own blood. The mob of men then storm out the room onwards to their next conquest. This type of porn usually recreates historical battles.
Blitzkrieg type porn are fun and educational.
by turtlepower September 20, 2007
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blitz - lightning fast as lightning
krieg - war

a spontanious but severe attack!
used by the german nazis in wwII.
so called sturmtruppen (stormtroops=elite-infantry) attack at a high speed using the momentum of suprise.
by woship_play May 25, 2004
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Used by the German military and later used by Allied Forces. The name means "lightning war". The concept of Blitzkrieg is "the art of concentrating strength at one point, forcing a breakthrough, rolling up and securing the flanks on either side, and then penetrating like lightning deep into his rear, before the enemy has time to react" (Erwin Rommel). This type of military attack involves mainly armor. Air supremacy is also required for blitzkrieg and many generals such as Erwin Rommel are well known for perfecting this type of battle.
On May 10, 1940 1940 German forces invaded through the Low Countries and the Ardenne Forest completing surrounding Allied Forces. The German blitzkrieg forced the Allies to surrenderer on June 22, 1940 astounding the world at the defeat of France and Britain.
by Seraph17 June 16, 2008
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