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The act of being led into a false sense of security and tricked following a sexual encounter(usually happens to men from women). Effects of being blindsighted include but are not limited to: restraining orders, cessation of relationships, withholding of sex until an unnecessary apology is delivered, filing of criminal charges, etc.
Jake thought everything was cool after his one-night stand with Tanya until she got a hold of his number and called him up the next day. She said she was really uncomfortable with what happened and just wanted to talk to him about it. Her quivering voice caused him to panic, spitting out everything he could think of to get her to calm down, recanting the events of what happened the night before. As soon as he was finished talking about the sex, she said she felt better and hung up. The next week, as Jake was leaving his class, a policeman stopped him and asked him to come to the station. Jake complied, thinking there was nothing wrong. Upon arrival at the station, the officer sat him down and asked him about what had happened two nights before. Jake, confused, asked why that mattered. The officer explained that a Sexual Assault complaint had been filed against him by a girl on campus. The only girl that came to mind was Tanya, so Jake asked if that was who filed it. The officer nodded then proceeded to arrest him. Scared out of his mind, Jake asked why this was happening and insisted he didn't do anything wrong (as he was led to believe). The officer calmly explained that he had already confessed to the "assault" over the phone with Tanya. It was then that Jake realized what had happened.

"Holy shit. . .She told me she was ok. . .but she was just blindsighting me!"
by FrozenBonez July 25, 2013
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