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Basically Bless Has Alot Of Definitions..

Bless can be said after someone sneezes.. and is believe by some people.. that when people sneeze.. it means that their soul is trying to escape.. for some reason.
When someone says bless to the person that sneezes.. it apparently keeps their soul in their body..

Bless is also used by teenagers.. some adults.. a few kids.. but generally teenagers.. who are either chavs, rudeboys or "goons".. They use the term "bless" after they've spoken to someone.. generally used once a conversation is over.. to show their appreciation..

Finally the word bless is used as a response to someone who has either said anything sweet.. or done anything sweet..
Example 1:
Philip: AHCHOO!
Sandra: Bless You
Philip: Ahh, thanks Sandra

Example 2:
Deniz: WAG1 FAM, Manz Been Finkin Bout New Ways To Make Money
Charles: Well, Maybe you could get a job??
Deniz: Nah Bruv, Dats A Trek..
Charles: Well.. Sorry.. I'm clueless.. I don't think there's any other way
Deniz: Ayt Den, Safe Ye..
Charles: Oh yes! Bye then!
Deniz: Bless

Example 3:
Susan: Awww.. He just wrote me a poem :)
Cassandra: Aww.. Bless his little cotton socks
by AshleyLeigh July 04, 2009
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