When a male has multiple girls the girls are blends
Aye Mook! How do you have so many blends?
- Don’t worry about it!
by YKTFV April 03, 2019
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B'lend is a shortened word for 'Bellend'
Dam Patty is such a 'B'lend'!
by DEO!! May 20, 2014
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To describe just anything good

Something sound that has just happened or that's just top
"Mate that is blend"

"Fucking blend"

"What's the blend"
by slighttie April 21, 2010
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A combination of the words Bell and End as in 'what a total bellend'. Reference the bell-shaped end of a penis.

Used when the target is such a bellend, you can't even be bothered to use all the letters to proclaim it.
'I can't believe he waited until the day before the holidays to assign that essay! What a complete Blend.'
by shane_r February 13, 2009
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