a word that can mean literally any verb
1. im going to blend this cigarrette

2. I'd blend your mum any day

3. does it blend?

4. She got blended last night
by chel mate February 03, 2010
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abbreviation of bell-end conjured up by rawsy as a replacement for the out-dated and over-used rockend
rawsy: "Dave, you're just a blend"
by Doddy August 07, 2005
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Blending is to get to know and connect with another person. After you spend some time with them, you feel like you really bonded, and got closer with this person. This usually leads to (sometimes unexpected) friendships.

A lot of times you blend with people you already knew before, but weren't really close with, and didn't talk to a lot.
Blending brings people together.
You need to blend with her more! Blending is the way of happiness!
At the party, I totally blended with the bae!

We blended better than fruits in a smoothie!
via giphy
by Yayzies March 26, 2018
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Saying that someone is twisted and mixed up in the head in other words your just straight up insulting them
by Chronologicalmayhemoftheanus September 11, 2020
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Blend - the common merging of the words BELL and END to reply with quick response during an insult war. Also used to simply 'pull someones pants down' in front of a group of peers or fine young females.
Craig - you are a right Blend lad
Mark - Cheers mate, much appreciated
by Craig Mogga March 22, 2007
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A posh word for bellend, safe for use at work or other related places.

An abbreviation off bellend; b'lend
What did you do that for Bizbo !? You're such a blend
by BDR Beanz April 18, 2010
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