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"Keep fucking that chicken" (KFTC) is a phrase coined by television anchor Ernie Anastos during a live broadcast of the Fox 5 New York local news. It is presumably a phrase of encouragement similar to keep on truckin, only with a more pronounced and colorful air of defiance.

The chicken being fucked may be an actual chicken, could be pejorative slang for a woman (i.e. chickenhead), or some other metaphor for an object of desire or enjoyable activity. In any case, KFTC seems to be a gesture of support to the recipient to continue doing whatever it is that they're doing, despite what others may say, so long as it makes them happy.
Adam: I could be making more money at another job, but I like the work I'm doing now.

Bob: Whatever, keep fucking that chicken.
by CleffedUp September 19, 2009

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1. A self-righteous, blindly optimistic, and outspoken proponent of Apple products.

2. An Apple Fanboy.
Adam: "I LOVE my Mac. OS X is PERFECT! That's why it NEVER gets viruses!"

Bob: "No, OS X doesn't gets viruses because 98% of the world uses PCs, Macsturbator."
by CleffedUp July 31, 2009

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To ask "Will it blend?" is to question whether something is feasible, practical, or realistic.

This interrogative relative to "passing muster" is based in the internet phenomenon created by Blendtec founder Tom Dickson, as previously defined.
Adam: I have a theory that the universe is actually contained in a wormhole on the back of a turtle.

Bob: But will it blend? No -- it won't, because you can't test that! It's not even a theory if you can't test it!
by CleffedUp April 23, 2010

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A variation of "Fuck My Life" used in response to hard drive, server, or other information technology failure. FSCK is a Unix command and acronym for File System ChecK.
The SAN is down?! FSCK My Life.
by CleffedUp July 27, 2009

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A ridiculous and self-serving claim presented as scientific or intellectually honest fact.

The phrase is a play on the anti-evolutionary claims of humans and dinosaurs co-existing peacefully on earth.
Adam: "Technorati says 77% of active internet users read blogs."

Bob: "I'm sure Technorati would like to believe that -- 77% sounds like a Friendly Dinosaur."
by CleffedUp December 13, 2008

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An imposition of speech, it is the deliberate and selfish use of communication to communicate nothing.

A speech fart can be written or spoken. It contains no wisdom or wit, imparts no useful information, and is often rude or obnoxious. Speech farts are an imposition on others, serving only to satisfy the speaker's own selfish desire to have his or her words seen or heard by others.
Examples of common speech farts:

On an online forum: "IBTL"

In a comments list: "First!"

On Twitter: "Having eggs #breakfast"

In a Facebook status: "John Smith sup"

On the golf course: "It's in the hole!"
by CleffedUp October 14, 2009

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A variation on the geekly acronym PICNIC, PIGNIC is an acronym for "Problem In Genes, Not In Computer."

PIGNIC describes a situation where an offending family member uses technology, typically online social platforms, to spread gossip or other unpleasantries, while the victim of the gossip blames the technology instead of the offender.
Adam: I just found out my cousin has been airing out dirty laundry all over our relative's face books! I HATE Facebook!!

Bob: That's a PIGNIC problem. Stop talking to your cousin.
by CleffedUp August 10, 2009

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