Girls Change People. Used to describe a guy who totally changes his behavior in front of girls.
Other forms: Guy Change People (used for girls)
Matt transformed into a GCP after being exposed to girls.
by Nicole Audrea February 12, 2018
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One who ditches bros for hoes
Chia Han is the ultimate GCP in the glorious class of 18S6F.
by TheLad62 August 7, 2019
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Good Case Practice. Yet another abbreviation used by the student organisation AIESEC that denotes its current structure with a focus on results.
''Thank you for letting me inherit your automatically updating graphs, this GCP of yours will save me a lot of time"
by leeea January 25, 2021
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The act of extracting information from Google for the reason of telling it to someone.

Note: GCP is short for Google Copy Paste
Bob: Whos the president of blahblahland
*Bill searches, copies anwser into clipboard, then pastes it*
Bill: It's Mark Larryson
Bob: Thanks, how did you know that?
Bill: GCP :D
by Joshtek July 1, 2003
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GCP is a shortened term for Golf Course Party.
Hey man are you going to the GCP tonight?
by BustinHS July 10, 2011
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