a bleh is a beer in every single country. Don't believe me? next time you're @ the bar/pub ask for a BLEH.
"hey, can i have a BLEH?"
You mean a beer?
"I said i want a BLEH."
A beer it is then.
by chuysuauce July 25, 2008
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An expression used for extreme confusion of shock.
Person 1: Your earlobes are lined up with your nipples.

Person 2: BLEH?!?
by cacebo March 06, 2010
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Bleh is a word commonly used by ATV users/riders. This word is worldly known as "Would You Like To Go Quadding/Riding/ATVing". People often refer it was Quadding/Atving/Riding. This word has recently been added to the "popular" lingo, and I guess if your cool, you will get others to use this aswell.
Nick: Bleh Friday?
Devon: Nah Man Im In Hawaii And I Cant Quad with you now.
by HmMmMM12313azazaz August 20, 2006
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The gayest word ever. You should not use it please.
Kwen Saechao: You're so blehhhh.
Kwen Saechao: blehhh.
by justin bieberrr June 29, 2010
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Bleh is a subitute Word for Alcohol.
"Ayyy, Can you get us some Bleh?"
"I'm ready to get Blehhed up."
"Wooo, That bleh is good!"
by Miss Rodda Rodda Rodda December 08, 2008
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Bleh can now be seen as the opposite of blah. something that is hip, cool. stylish, stands out, sweet and not plain boring. Probably the coolest newest use of a word.
If someone yells "bleeeeeh!" as a car drives by, then the car is probably really cool or tricked out. If someone says "i'm wearing all bleh," it means they are wearing cool, hip clothing.
If you don't believe this definition then your probably not all bleeeh anymore. Its like the word "ill", "sick", "gnarly" in that it means sort of the opposite when said the right way. This is the coolest newest use of a word. "The word "bleh" is all Bleeeh!"
by supertroopers July 16, 2009
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