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When an anoyin little thing movin at lightspeed n snipin u on unreal tournament 2004 gets shot th fuck down n pasted into n half way through a wall
TK got Owned.
by TTTT2 June 23, 2006

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Its not anything, it's everything, it doesn't mean anything but it can be used in any sentence at any time for any desired effect with the right tone of voice.
It is simply a noise to make whilest to tone of your voice gives an inclination of what you are talking about.

<dude 1 hits dude 2>
<dude 2 pokes dude 1 in the eye and sais "bleh..">

Hayley: T get me a baby swan! I want a baby swan!
T: bleh.
Hayley: Get me a baby swan!
by TTTT2 June 21, 2006

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A penis with lips.
Can be caused by the splitting of the foreskin, or sometimes occurs as a natural birth defect that comes with a complete set of teeth and tongue in the pisshole, making the owner of the dick lips a ledgend at oral sex.
Little Jonnie and Arny's mother were fucking like rabbits.
Little Jonnie slipped and fell.
Little Jonnie dick slapped a cat on his way to the floor.
The cat was angry, and pounced at little Jonnie's errect penis, slashing it open at the end with it's claws.
Little Jonnie screamed in pain.
Little Jonnie was pissing blood through his dick lips.
by TTTT2 June 21, 2006

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