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Similar to "getting read." Can also mean to entice one into a contention, dispute, or antipathy.
Person 1: I always do community service on the weekends.
Person 2: Please, you be in the corner texting on ya phone.
Person 3: Ooooh, you just got drawn. / Ooooh, she drawin' you out. / Ooooh, she drew you out.
by B.R. Jules January 11, 2015

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To fill someone in on the juice or details; to update someone on something (verb)
Details (noun)
"Hey, can you color me in on Reza's party?"
"Yo, so much juice after Reza's party. I gotta color you in."

"What's the color on Reza's party?"
by B.R. Jules April 12, 2015

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One who has been white-washed. (use as a statement of fact, may be used to insult)
Tanya is so not like her cousins. She's so bleached.
by B.R. Jules March 16, 2015

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When you don't have any comment or opinion on a controversial touchy sensitive topic, subject, issue or statement; the opposite of "giving your two cents." (not when you are left speechless)
"I don't think I should do this. I'm so conflicted."
"I don't know what to say, man. I got zero cents for you."
by B.R. Jules March 16, 2015

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Money you don't have in the bank. (used sarcastically)
"Hey man, let's take a world trip right now."
"Oh yeah, lemme just use my faux dollars and empty cents on this imaginary global excursion."
by B.R. Jules March 16, 2015

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