To defecate with urgency and explosive force. To expel fecal matter in a timely fashion.
Every morning after a cup of coffee and a cigarette,I have to blast-a-dookie.
by J.L.Willis July 26, 2003
a term in when your about to take a bad shit, a feel like your going to "blast" it out of your ass
Man I got to go and balst a dookie.
by Chris cain March 9, 2005
To excrete a large amount of defecation in a short period of time.
After running for an hour, I had to blast a dookie that was going to shatter the toilet.
by Matt Berlin September 3, 2003
Much like explosive diahrea. It comes out very fast, but it is usually very large.
Brennen was in the bathroom for like 30 seconds blasing a dookie, but it reaked like a 400 lb gorrila of a man was in there for an hour.
by RevStan January 9, 2004
i have to blast a dookie like you wouldnt believe.
by poop man February 3, 2004