Originated from one of Jimmy Neutron's catchphrases, "Gotta blast!" Is a common phrase said on the internet now for many reasons.

1. When in an awkward or uncomfortable situation
2. When someone says or does something you don't like and you don't feel low wasting time and energy arguing with them.
1. *in a texting convo*
Straight boy: "wanna play 20 questions haha ;)"
Girl: "sure."
Straight boy: "okay I'll go first. Are you a virgin?"

Girl: "...Gotta blast!"

2. Idiot: I support Carter Reynolds. He's hawt and did nothing wrong!!1
Me: ".....Gotta blast!"
by Lisa is not Lethal July 27, 2015
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to leave from somewhere. Most of the time to leave in a hurry.
Oh shit Mrs. Miller just saw Chloe and I making out. I'm about to get in trouble. Gotta blast!
by Dab a Ranch May 4, 2017
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Something Jimmy Nuetron says around the beginning of the theme song for the popular Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Jimmy Nuetron
Me: "Gotta Blast"
Friend: WTF are you masturbating under the table
by YourBoiTheUgandan43 January 25, 2018
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The term in which someone has too ejaculate directly into someone's mouth. AND OR FLY AWAY IN A MOTHERFUCKING ROCKET.

Girlfriend:Hey, do you wanna go too the mov-
by Young Dagger Dick Is My Handle September 18, 2019
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Often used as an excuse to leave a situation/event. The phrase is also used when someone slides in the DM's
1)"So, Bertha, how about those grades. I heard that report cards are out. Let me see them...now."
"Oops, Gotta Blast"

2) "Alright class, turn in your essay discussing what we read so far. Wait, Bloodrayne where's yours"
"Uh...Gotta Blast!"
by PastelCacti December 24, 2016
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When you want to exit swiftly a situation
Isaac Wappat: “is my man bun peng?”
Gotta blast
by Sticktostatusquo December 28, 2017
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Used when you gotta nut (cum), or when you are going to masturbate
Family: "Where r u going?"
You:"Gotta blast!"
by Macdaddyabiphelps February 19, 2016
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