a large, muscular or fat man. Usually very popular with the ladies. A huge pimp.
Look at that gorrila, he's got four girls in each arm. He's a huge gorrila.
by gumma June 01, 2005
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When someone cumz on ur face while ur sleeping and cuts his pubes off and sprikles them on so u look like a gorrila
WTF that guy is a gorrila must have been a crazy night!
by hippyslay3r April 01, 2007
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A bad person a person who is borderline evil. Living thing that commits crime
I shot this gorrila 76 times because he was had 23 accounts of murder.
by MonkeMan16 May 21, 2020
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A sexual act in which a girl is performing oral sex on a male, when he pulls out just before ejaculation. Next he releases semen on her face and rips off some pubic hair and throws it at her face.
I gave your mom a gorrila mask last night, she's still picking off the hairs.
by MC Q-Dawg May 09, 2005
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a fat guy with man boobs that represent those of a gorrila. they flop when they run.
by fhjkfkfhf June 20, 2005
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The act in which the male is about to ejaculate, while having sex or getting head, and he pulls it out, cums in the other person's face, and knocks them out.
by efolution May 03, 2007
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