Cumming inside of an elderly woman; leaving a cream pie. Named so due to Blanch from the Golden Girls.
"How was your Thanksgiving?"
"Pretty good; I was blanching my best friend's grandmother."
by JOSakaRome January 2, 2010
Chillin in a hot tub until your insides are cooked then jump in a cold pool till your willy is an “Innie
Let’s go blanching in the hot tub and pool!
by Waynona July 25, 2018
to rectally insert drugs as to increase the potency of the chemical or as an alternative to other methods. Yes, people really do this.
Man, blanching those pills got me so much higher than when I swallowed them the other day.
by JHBoy September 20, 2006
Sweet, caring and funny girl that loves being around people. can make people laugh at their darkest days, they will always cheer people up . They are beautiful and often called beauty Goddesses. Has eyes that one can easily get lost in. . Can make lots of friends. A fantastic friend who can make everyone smile.
She's so Blanche.

What a Blanche!

Should be more Blanche's in the world.
by girwhohasswag November 12, 2011
To lose an election as an incumbent by a large amount. A reference to Blanche Lincoln's landslide loss in the 2010 Arkansas Senate Election
Cory Gardner will get blanched in 2020.
by Jon Tester October 21, 2019
blanche is crazy(in a good way) funny always finds away to make me laugh. she is practically my sister and is my best friend in he whole world
by bert face November 16, 2012
To be completely belligerent or inebriated as a result of consuming too much alcohol. This word is used to describe drunkenness for two reasons. 1) The word itself just sounds like it means shit faced. 2) The actual meaning of the word defines a cooking method in which food is dunked in hot, then cold water to loosen the skin. The metaphor being, saturating something in liquid unit it changes.
Party Animal 1: I am so hungover I can hear colors.

Party Animal 2: Yeah, dude. We got fucking blanched last night.
by captmurk November 13, 2013