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to rectally insert drugs as to increase the potency of the chemical or as an alternative to other methods. Yes, people really do this.
Man, blanching those pills got me so much higher than when I swallowed them the other day.
by JHBoy September 20, 2006
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A name for your grandma most likely in spanish its "El Blancho"
Dude did you eat my BLANCH'S COOKIES!
aight cheef
via giphy
by qwsdfgbhnmk,juytrewsadfghj October 24, 2018
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usually reffering to a small penis boy. a faggot. a bitch.
center of all jokes
lets make like a tree and blanch the fuck on out of here.

yo that girl is going out with a blanch?
yea she tells me their done in one minute

by michael gallager November 16, 2006
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1) To physically or emotionally hurt someone.

2) To perform exceedingly well in a task.
1) Did you see that fight yesterday? That guy got blanched!
2) I'm gonna blanch my driving test.
by adgad June 01, 2009
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The color of a branch
That shirt isn’t brown, it’s more of a blanch.
by jonstoch January 27, 2018
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A Blanch is when someone makes a gowing, realizes their blunder, and tries in vain to redeem them selves by making their gowing funny, but only compounds the error. After the failure is realized by bystanders, one or possibly several of them call "Blanch!"

(The definition of Blanch submitted by Broadbent, is completely incorrect, the author obviously has not paid close enough attention, or has not included his/herself enough in contemporary teenage male culture to know the true meaning of the word.)

James G: Hey how about those Irish referees? Better get them some more balding cream!

All bystanders: ... Gowing!

James G: … I mean, seriously, their heads are so shiny that the reflected light could power a solar powered car.

All bystanders: ...

Bystander 1: Blanch!

Bystander 2: (Laughing.) A massive Blanch at that!
by JakiiB + Will Lyall April 13, 2007
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