A blader is a person who roller blades very well. A blader is also a person who believes that rollerblading is not a sport, its a passion and a way of life.
me and my friends are such bladers
by itsAwayOFlyfe March 16, 2010
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A man who goes rollerskating a lot. He does that rollerskating very good because he is probably rollerskating for a long time. Like skaters, the bladers also do tricks and grind.
Mark is a great blader so we can expect to see a PC game called Mark's ProBlader in a year or two. :)
by SpAcE_c0wb0y April 3, 2005
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A serious player of beyblades.
P1: You're trash at beyblades
P2: I'm a real blader, let's battle nigga
by Dumple Derp February 5, 2020
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A real ass hasagi blade. Only one has been know to man so far, his name is Hybridera and he a real ass Canton nigga
Hybridera is a real ass Blader
by FinnaNigga666 January 27, 2019
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The extreme need to pee
First invented by Jay Bennett, Valentine's Day 2009

Secondly invented by The Greeb Brothers (John and Hank green) on their podcast Dear Hank and John October 24, 2016
Student: (raises hand)

Teacher: Yes? What is it?

Student: I am feeling very bladerful may I use the restroom please?
by Din P February 26, 2017
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Someone who rides inline skates.
Comes from the name of the well known company Rollerblade.
Usually meaning someone into "agressive skating", which means people doing tricks on skates (slides, jumps, in places like streets, ramps or skateparks).

It's the equivalent of skater (skateboarder), but on roller-skates.
Like for skaters, there should not be any link between this word and a specific music, clothing style, skill level, or whatever : It just describes someone who likes to have fun on inline skates.
"I met a new blader in town, he told me he would ride the park this afternoon, wanna come?"
by OraS September 12, 2006
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someone who goes around knifing their enemies in call of duty modern warfare 2
damn i just got assassinated by that crab infested blue berry twat waffle witch-blader
by jaimeCOMC March 16, 2010
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