The greatest game ever created by infinity ward. It takes over your life and you will probably will never get laid. The further you get in to the game the more it eats your life away. It has a good storyline an d the graphics are gorgeous. And xbox live will change you forever. It whoops halos ass and killzone 2 looks like shit compared to it. If you want to play just add me on xbox live.... grandeRoOsTeR94
Dad: Come on son its time for your moms funeral

Son: Leave me alone DAD! im on a 24 killstreak...will they have call of duty modern warfare 2 at the funeral.
This game is actually called "Cock of Doody: The Revenge of Osama"(which was edited do to alquada threatening IW). It features modders, noobs, 10 year old, and the occasional guy who is classified as "skillful" or "normal"(although these are rare)

It was within this game a very famous moderator, The Pro, was recorded banning Itz Lupo(some variation of that). This video was edited, long story shot, The Pro lost all moderator powers(and possibly killed himself,or moved out of his mothers house.)
Gamer 1 "Want to come play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2?"
Gamer 2 "Nope, sorry, I'm busy playing the Halo:Reach Beta, which is, sadly, better than that rubbish."
Gamer 1 " PLEASE! I'll let you noob tube.."
Noob (forms from a puddle of noob sauce)"Pick me"
by tat 1 dude May 9, 2010
Cock of Doody Modern Camp/Glitch/Hack/Mod-fest 2.
Possibly the game with the most OMADC campers, people runnning around knifing with commando, Hackers, and or Glitchers.
While playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I was killed by an AC130 with infinite missiles, upon respawning I got noobtubed, I was then sniped by a guy 50 feet in the air using some hack
by DrBaus June 23, 2010
A very boring game to watch for the girlfriend.

We don't care about your kill and death ratio. Or how the way you just shot the enemy looked badass. Trust us, there is no need to yell across the house and make us run (doing the most exercise we have done in months) to where ever you are, only to watch your replay of you shooting some guy in the head ("headshot!").
OH, and we don't care about the type of guns you found or got.

There is also no need to play it with the surround sound on...its just the sound of gunshots over over and over. You have already played the game so many times that you could recite what the guy is saying.
Girl 1: " my boyfriends. He's playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2."
Girl 2: "oh man, that's sucks. Has he talked to you at least?"
Girl 1: " Nope, not really... He just keeps yelling to his roommates in the livingroom telling him where he's at so they can kill him for some 'infected thingy'. I could prolly leave and he wouldn't know the difference."
Girl 2: " Damn! Good thing COD can't get them laid or we'd all be screwed"

-- its ok...Chandler, I still love you.
by H loves C February 3, 2010
The game that has some advantages over Black Ops, but also has disadvantages to it. Has a ton of unneccisary killstreaks and attachements, nothing takes skill, and people run rampant with random grenades, noob-tubes, and the Famas. (Also M16, M4, MP5K, ect.)
P1: Wanna play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?!

P2: Nah, people do gay shit on that. Fuckin' noobtubes.
by McJagged June 18, 2011
A game that has a much better team of developers then Black Ops. A game where you can just play the game. Not have to be pro. Have the ability to quickscope without getting banned some-fucking how. a game when grenades and noob tube were realistic. A game where the guns dont get patched to be even shittier. A game where people can make friends and not have annoying ass trolls pretending they are black and can hack you. Those were the good ol' days.
(Meanwhile, here) ((During MW2)

Player 1: hah! i got him! noscope!

Player 2: ahahahah! nice one man! ah im so glad i dident buy Black Ops!

(Meanwhile, thousands of miles away) ((During Black ops)



(Meanwhile, a great distance away) During Black ops

Player 1: hey man

Player 2: hey whats up?

Player 3: shut up

Player 1: ? what?

Player 3: shut up Player 1: dude we arent ta Player 3: shut up (and after 5 hours and 232 shut ups was still going on.) this is why Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is better.
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or CoDMN2 will be coming out Monday November 10 2009 in the US. It is an INFINITY WARD game just like Call of Duty 4. It is not Call of Duty 5 Modern Warfare 2. It is CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2!!! Not even Call of Duty 6. That's not really right to call it that.
-Hey you gettin Call of Duty 6

-What dont call it that its Modern Warfare 2... Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

-y should I call it that

-It gonna b such a great game so why don't u just call it the REAL way
by Davidsta March 29, 2009