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The casting of a black actor for a character that is canonically not black. Similar to the term whitewashing, except it is for some reason socially acceptable when a black person does it.
Come on! Hermione's black now? Why does hollywood keep blackwashing like this?
Well, technically it was never expressly stated that she's canonically white.
But... She was white in all of the movies. What type of weak ass loophole is that?
by Skinnypenis October 08, 2016
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The opposite of whitewashing; pretending or otherwise revising the historical fact of a scenario in such a way as to demonize all involved parties and lionize any affected persons in a way that contradicts the reality of the situation.
Many people who want to have "Columbus Day" changed to "Native American Day" are guilty of blackwashing: they pretend Native Americans never lifted a finger against Europeans.
by ERU1492 December 15, 2015
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