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Black Metalers listen to Black Metal Music such as Mayhem, Burzum, Dimmu Borgir (Old), Darkthrone and so on. They normally wear black clothes, band or Satanic T-Shirts, pentacle jewelery etc... And not all Black Metalers only listen to Black Metal. And anyone that calls Cradle of Filth Black Metal are faggots because they are fucking not!

In most shit countrys that know nothing, many people mistake Black Metalers for Goths which is a big insult! A Goth is someone that usually listens to Gothic Rock, A Black Metaler is someone that usually listens to fucking Christraping Black Metal!
Faggot: Fucking Gothics!
Black Metaler: We're Fucking Black Metalers and proud, get it right you black nigger!

Black Metaler: Damn fucking right!
by confessional_rape August 27, 2006
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