National Socialist Black Metal. black metal which contains racist beliefs, essentially. NSBM bands are usually, musically speaking, of the kvlt persuasion, with the local folk instruments thrown in here and there.

NSBM bands usually draw their lyrical inspiration from pre-Christian heathen traditions rather than Satanism, and usually ascribe or claim to ascribe to the standards of honour supposedly upheld by these ancestral folk.

Somewhat confusingly, NSBM is most popular in the Slavic regions of Eastern Europe; one of the biggest names in the scene, Rob Darken, is actually from Poland, surely the last place you'd expect anything remotely Nazi-esque to be taking root.
"Why listen to NSBM, man? Regular BM isn't extreme enough, you need it to be Nazi as well?"
by Dave June 19, 2004
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1)National Socialist Black Metal

2)Black metal that promotes White Supremacy and other National Socialist ideals.
Warbutcher is my favorite NSBM band.
by Gas Chamber Operator July 11, 2008
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NSBM refers to a genre of black metal that has political or racial overtones. What many people don't realize is - you can be a national socialist from any country, it's not restricted to Germany. So, if you actually bother reading what it means, you'll understand that people with the "OmGZzz they're not from Germany lolz what foolz!11!!" mentality are complete morons and need to read more. National Socialism refers to the pride of one's own culture - and a true national socialist respects others who are proud of their own culture too. Unfortunately, since the black metal scene is filled with humanists/communists who think racial pride is "mean", they like to whine about it on the internet because they feel inferior intellectually and have been gorging on political correctness for far too long. Boo hoo. They should really just stick to their humanist, pop-quality-produced heavy metal bands that deal with easy-to-grasp concepts - that don't trouble their poor weed-damaged brains.
"NSBM can come from any country, because anyone can be proud of their country if they choose to be" - person with a brain, and is able to read.

"NSBM is like, so totally, like, mean you know? Because like, nazi's are like so totally cruel omgz! NS and German Nazi's are the same thingz!!11 I'm gonna go back to listening to nice metal like Shadowsfall and Trivium lolz!" - everyday pot-smoking metalhead.
by FuneralQueen August 23, 2007
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Acronym for Non Stop Bad Mouthing. The art of tirading about your place of employment so much, that it just becomes non-stop in nature.
"I'll stop bad mouthing this company when they decide to pay me what I'm worth, be prepared for NSBM"
by Richie Reee May 15, 2006
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(Acronym) A standard etla for a devout catholic/christian who believes in No Sex Before Marraige.
Man, don't hook up with Maria, wont get anywhere, shes so NSBM!
by Matt July 26, 2004
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