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A Luciferian is a person who believes in Lucifer and Luciferianism.
I am a Luciferian and I'm so proud about it.
by Ethan Ash December 22, 2011
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Myself, any person who sees Lucifer as the bearer of light, there are 2 types: Luciferians, the ones who don't believe in a theistic god, and the sect theistic Luciferians (me), the ones, whether me or others, who worship Lucifer and do individual spirituality. All Luciferians follow the 11 points of power, but they do not recommend killing people, raping, or molesting children, however, embracing the darkness within, there's a fine line.
Me: I'm a proud Luciferian.
Mum: Get out with Lucifer!!
Me: But Lucifer's the light bearer, he's not a bad person.
Mum:Lucifer's Satan!
Me: He's not Satan, he's good!
I'll stop talking about Lucifer.
Mum: Peace at last!
by badmouth June 12, 2018
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